Howard Georgi's home page

    Howard Georgi's home page

Motto: If you are doing everything well, you are not doing enough good.

  • A Case for Diversity - talk at final dinner for the PRISE/BLISS/PRIMO programs - summer of 2012

  • Georgi's "office hours" schedule (in Jeff 456 and the Leverett dining hall) - these change from week to week and they are usually posted on the weekend for the following week. Please do not leave important documents in Georgi's mailbox or slipped under his office door. Those are both small black holes. Instead, you can give things to Kelly Colbourn in Jeff 243.

    Here also is a link to David Morin's office hours

  • A Case for Diversity - Talk at final PRISE dinner - 2012

  • Gussie Georgi - In Memoriam

  • PDF Slides for Barcelona Unparticle Public Talk - 5/08

  • PDF Slides for Irvine Unparticle Colloquium - 1/24/08

  • Physics Department Photos

  • CV - PDF file

  • Family Photos

  • Links to old courses and related stuff. Links to current courses (including Physics 16) can be found in the online course catalog.

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