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Title Fish Locomotion: Recent Advances and New Directions
Authors George V. Lauder
Year 2015
Journal Citation Annual Review of Marine Science 7:521-567

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Title Maximizing the efficiency of a flexible propulsor using experimental optimization
Authors Quinn, D.B., Lauder, G.V. and Smits, A.J.
Year 2015
Journal Citation Journal of Fluid Mechanics 767:430-448

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Title Passive mechanical models of fish caudal fins: effects of shape and stiffness on self-propulsion
Authors Feilich, K.L. and Lauder, G.V.
Year 2015
Journal Citation Bioinspiration & Biomimetics

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Title Hydrodynamics of C-Start Escape Responses of Fish as Studied with Simple Physical Models
Authors Witt, W.C., Wen, L., and Lauder, G.V.
Year 2015
Journal Citation Integrative and Comparative Biology

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Title Fish locomotion: biology and robotics of body and fin-based movements
Authors Lauder, G.V. and Tangorra, J.L.
Year 2015
Journal Citation In: Robot Fish – Bio-inspired Fishlike Underwater Robots, (R. Du, Z. Li, K. Youcef-Toumi and P. Valdivia Y Alvarado, eds.), pp. 25-49. Berlin: Springer Verlag

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Title Flexible Fins and Fin Rays as Key Transformations in Ray-Finned Fishes
Authors Lauder, G.V.
Year 2015
Journal Citation In: Great Transformations in Vertebrate Evolution, (K. P. Dial N. Shubin and E. Brainerd, eds.), pp. 31-45. Berkeley, California: Univ. of California Press.

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Title Swimming mechanics and energetics of elasmobranch fishes
Authors Lauder, G.V. and DiSanto,V.
Year 2015
Journal Citation In: Fish Physiology Vol. 34A, Physiology of Elasmobranch Fishes: Structure and Interaction with Environment, vol. 34A (R. E. Shadwick A. P. Farrell and C. J. Brauner, eds.), pp. 219-253. New York: Academic Press.

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Title Hydrodynamic function of biomimetic shark skin: effect of denticle pattern and spacing
Authors Wen, L., Weaver, J.C., Thornycroft, P.J.M. and Lauder, G.V.
Year 2015
Journal Citation Bioinsp. Biomimet. 10 (2015) 066010

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Title Effects of non-uniform stiffness on the swimming performance of a passively-flexing, fish-like foil model
Authors Lucas, K.N. et al.
Year 2015
Journal Citation Bioinsp. Biomimet. 10 (2015) 056019