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Title Biorobotic Fins for Investigations of Fish Locomotionn
Authors Tangora, James L., Esposito, Christ J., Lauder, George V.
Year 2009
Journal Citation IROS 2009



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Title Low-dimensional models and performance scaling of a highly deformable fish pectoral fin
Authors Bozkurttas, M., Mittal, R., Dong, H., Lauder, G.V. and Madden, P.
Year 2009
Journal Citation The Journal of Fluid Mechanics 631: 311-342



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Title Caudal fin shape modulation and control during acceleration, braking and backing maneuvers in bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus
Authors Flammang, B.E. and Lauder, G.V.
Year 2009
Journal Citation The Journal of Experimental Biology 212: 277-286