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Title Motor Patterns and Kinematics During Backward Walking in the Pacific Giant Salamander: Evidence for Novel Motor Output
Authors Ashley-Ross, M.A. and Lauder, G.V.
Year 1997
Journal Citation Journal of Neurophysiology 78:3047-3060.


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Title REVIEW: Evolutionary Transformations 'Early Vertebrates'
Authors Lauder, George V.
Year 1997
Journal Citation Science 276:46


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Title REVIEW: 'Interrelationships of Fishes'
Authors Lauder George V.
Year 1997
Journal Citation American Zoologist 37:325


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Title REVIEW: 'Fish Morphology: horizon of new research'
Authors Lauder, George V.
Year 1997
Journal Citation Copeia 1997(3)


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Title Origin of the amniote feeding mechanism: experimental analyses of outgroup clades
Authors Lauder, George V. and Gillis, G.B.
Year 1997
Journal Citation Chapter 6 in Amniote Origins: completing the transition to land, edited by S. Sumida and K. Martin, Academic Press, San Diego.