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Title Red and white muscle activity and kinematics of the escape response of the bluegill sunfish during swimming
Authors Jayne, B.C. and Lauder, G.V.
Year 1993
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Journal of Comparative Physiology A 173:495-508


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Title Adaptations and History
Authors Lauder, G. V., Leroi, A.M. and Rose, M.R.
Year 1993
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Trends in Ecology & Evolution 8:294-297


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Title REVIEW: 'Environmental Physiology of The Amphibians'
Authors Lauder, George V.
Year 1993
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The Quarterly Review of Biology 68:440-441


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Title Design of feeding systems in aquatic vertebrates: major patterns and their evolutionary interpretations
Authors Lauder, G.V. and Shaffer, B.
Year 1993
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Chapter 3 in The Skull, Vol 3: Functional and Evolutionary Mechanisms, edited by J. Hanken and B.K. Hall, Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago.