Current News

  • Graduate student (now Dr. Liao as of June 2004) Jimmy Liao's paper appeared in Science with a cover photograph. See Liao, J. Beal, D. N. Lauder, G. V. and Triantafyllou, M. S. (2003). Fish exploiting vortices decrease muscle activity. Science 302, 1566-1569.
  • Graduate student Tonia Hsieh's paper on basilisk lizards running on the surface of the water is on the cover of the Journal of Experimental Biology. Hsieh, S. T. (2003). Three-dimensional hindlimb kinematics of water running in the plumed basilisk lizard. J. Exp. Biol. 206, 4363-4377.
  • Cheryl Wilga and George Lauder have a recent paper in Nature on the hydrodynamic function of the shark tail; see Nature 430, page 850.
  • Christoffer Johanssen and George Lauder have a recent paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology on the vortex wake of leopard frogs during surface swimming; the cover of this issue of JEB also has graphics from the paper: JEB 207: 3945-3958



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Functional morphology and the evolutionary
biomechanics of vertebrates

Mechanistic bases of behavioral evolution

Systematics; phylogeny construction; historical

Experimental and conceptual approaches to the
analysis of form in organisms

Physiology of the musculoskeletal system