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George V. Lauder Receives Joseph S. Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award in Ichthyology

George V. Lauder was honored at a recent meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH) with the Joseph S. Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award in Ichthyology. The award recognizes a member of ASIH for an outstanding body of work. The award is granted principally on the basis of the quality of the awardee’s research; consideration is also given to educational and service impacts of the individual’s career.


Nelson Award


George Speech


George V. Lauder Named Harvard College Professor

George V. Lauder is one of just five faculty members to receive this prestigious award! The five-year appointment recognizes excellence in research and education, and includes a semester of paid leave as well as as extra research support.



Biomimetics Breakthrough: George V. Lauder and team of researchers create first artificial shark skin

Using high-resolution X-ray scanning; 3-D computer modeling; multi-material 3-D printing—and a little piece of fish—George V. Lauder and a team of researchers created the world's first biomimetic shark skin. In one test, the fishy fascimile swam six percent faster than a similarly-sized piece of smooth plastic.
Cover of The Journal of Experimental Biology
JEB Shark Skin
Image of flexible plastic foil (A, B) created from scan of single denticle (C).
3D shark skin and real denticle images

It took more than a year to turn a single denticle taken from a small piece of mako shark skin into the flexible fascimile pictured above.

Click on the links below for media coverage of this groundbreaking research.



The Ichthyology Department recently added of the ocean's top predators to its research collection. The juvenile (< 1 year old) Carcharodon carcharias, or great white shark, is over five feet long and weighs nearly 100 pounds!

Shark Head

Whole Shark

Examining the sharkLab members with shark
Lauder Labbers and friends at going-away party for visiting Beihang University Professor Li Wen
Li Party 2014
First Paper of 2014 Available for Download!
Dr. Lauder recently spoke with CNN International about great white sharks. Click on the image below to explore an interactive graphic from that interview.
Shark CNN
Read about synchronized stingray swimming in a new paper coauthored by Erin Blevins

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