Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering
Group website: http://bgc.seas.harvard.eduhttp://bgc.seas.harvard.edushapeimage_1_link_0


Contact: Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Office Address:

29 Oxford Street, Pierce Hall, Room 107F

Cambridge MA USA 02138

Phone: +1 617.496.0858

Fax:   +1 617.495.4551

Lab Address:

Engineering Sciences Laboratory

58 Oxford Street, Lab #305

Cambridge MA, USA 02138

ems [at] seas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

I am part of the faculty of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Department of Environmental Health in Harvard’s School of Public Health.

My research group studies the biogeochemistry of global contaminants.  We are interested in how biogeochemical processes affect the fate, transport and food-web bioaccumulation of trace metals and organic chemicals in aquatic ecosystems. We develop and apply models at a variety of scales ranging from ecosystems to global applications to characterize how changes in climate and emissions affect human and ecological health, and the potential impacts of regulatory activities.

Please see the Sunderland research group website for more information

Other University Affiliations:

Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program

Harvard University Center for the Environment

Harvard Center for Risk Analysis