Stephane Escrig

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Stephane's photo Stephane Escrig
Research Assistant

Contact Information:
Tel:(+1) 617 496 6983
Hofmann lab, room 113

Mailing Address:
Earth and Planetary Sciences Department
20, Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Research Interests

My primary research interests lies in isotope and trace elements geochemistry of volcanic rocks. I am interested in particular in the origin of the chemical variability of Mid-oceanic ridge basalts, Oceanic Island basalts and back-arc basin basalts and what it tells us about the creation of the mantle heterogeneities.
My current research projects include a study of the Eastern Lau Spreading Center (OCE-0242618) using Pb-Sr-Nd isotopic ratios combined with major element, volatiles and trace element compositions. Using our complete data set, we can better constrain the effect of the subduction-related fluid on the mantle melting beneath the back-arc spreading center and also map the chemical variation of the background mantle in the Lau Basin. Another project focuses on trace element analyses of mid-oceanic ridge basalts from the Central Indian ridge and the origin of the large-scale mantle heterogeneity observed in the Indian mantle. In the past, I have completed some osmium isotopic studies of oceanic island basalts (Cape Verde) and mid-oceanic ridge basalts (South Atlantic and Indian Oceans).
I am also interested in other problems falling under the broad category of volcanology and computer modeling (i.e. modeling of the effect of crystallization (hBasalt)).

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