Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University

29 Oxford Street Room 186

Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617-384-7460


emarais [at] seas [dot] harvard [dot] edu


I am a postdoc in Daniel Jacob's Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group (ACMG). I use complex models, and satellite, surface, and aircraft observations to understand atmospheric composition in Africa and the Southeast US. I have also developed a new anthropogenic emission inventory for Africa (DICE-Africa) in collaboration with Christine Wiedinmyer at NCAR.

Current Research:

Visit my Publications page for past projects.

  • Determine the impact of air pollution on human health and food security, with a particular focus on Africa. The continent is experiencing rapid economic and population growth that will inevitably degrade air quality.
    Tools: GEOS-Chem at high resolution nested over Africa, and ozone observations from aircraft (MOZAIC), ozonesondes (SHADOZ), and surface sites (GAWSIS).
  • Assess anthropogenic control on isoprene secondary organic aerosol (SOA) in the Southeast United States.
    Tools: GEOS-Chem with a new aqueous-phase mechanism for isoprene SOA formation (Marais et al., 2016), and observations from intensive campaigns (SOAS, SEAC4RS), and long-term surface networks (SEARCH, IMPROVE).
  • Improved Determine the factors that modulate upper troposphere NOx using satellite observations of cloud-sliced NO2.
    Tools: GEOS-Chem, Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) partial NO2columns (Belmonte-Rivas et al., 2015; Choi et al., 2014), and upper troposphere aircraft observations from multiple campaigns.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:
Road running, building 2000+ jigsaw puzzles, piano, film appreciation.