Research Interests

    My research, as part of the Harvard University Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group, focuses on understanding the impact of emissions of volatile organic compounds from vegetation in Africa on air quality, human health and climate. 
    First steps in my research  include updating isoprene emission inventories for the continent using spaced-based observations of formaldehyde from the ozone monitoring instrument
to obtain an improved estimate of isoprene emissions for the continent.
    This work has involved the development of a unique filtering scheme for the isolation of a biogenic formaldehyde signal through the use of spaced-based observations of proxies for anthropogenic and biomasss burning formaldehyde.

Contact Information

Pierce Hall, Rm 110J
29 Oxford Street
Cambridge MA, 02138
Tel:     617-384-7835
Email: emarais [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu