Introduction to Classical Mechanics

With Problems and Solutions

David Morin

Cambridge University Press

Index to limericks, by first line

(Many of the limericks can be found with annotation here.)

There once was a classical theory (preamble)

The ad said, For one little fee (xvi)

How Fermi could estimate things (3)

"Your units are wrong!" cried the teacher (4)

Consider, when seeking gestalts (9)

The lemmings get set for their race (11)

The skill to do math on a page (13)

One morning while eating my Wheaties (28)

For things moving free or at rest (52)

It may seem, with the angst it can bring (59)

a is dv by dt (62)

What would you have thought, Galileo (64)

If a monkey lets go of a tree (68)

For equations with one main condition (103)

This is our method, essential (104)

In Boston, lived Jack as did Jill (139)

A potential may look quite erratic (148)

Newton looked at the data, numerical (153)

When jumping from high in a tree (221)

It just stood there and did nothing, of course (224)

When walking, I know that my aim (226)

As Noether most keenly observed (237)

As he walked past the beautiful belle (285)

When using potentials, effective (285)

Newton said as he gazed off afar (288)

As we grow up, we open an ear (293)

To calculate E, my dear class (313)

For conditions that number but three (326)

What L was, he just couldn't tell (333)

When studying vectors in school (373)

Consider the vector of L (379)

As Einstein explored elevators (462)

On a merry-go-round in the night (466)

Whether sieged by an army more grand (475)

As he pondered the long futile fight (504)

The findings of Michelson--Morley (508)

Copernicus gave his reply (510)

Of the many effects, miscellaneous (512)

The effects of dilation of time (516)

Relativistic limericks have the attraction (520)

Observe that for muons created (522)

The excitement will build in your voice (527)

For a bullet, a train, and a gun (530)

"Potato?! Potahto!" said she (534)

"To three, five, and seven, assign (588)

Whether abstract, profound, or just mystic (589)

If gmv yields frustration (598)

They said, "F is ma, bar none." (602)

God said to his cosmos directors (644)

Greetings! Dear brother from Boulder (652)

God's first tries were hardly ideal (695)