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Dr. S. Allen Counter, Jr.


Welcome to the webpage of Dr. S. Allen Counter of Harvard University. Dr. Counter has served Harvard University as a neuroscience professor and administrator for the past thirty years. He frequently receives inquiries about his work at The Harvard Foundation and his scientific exploration into different parts of the world. This webpage is set up to provide information to interested persons about Dr. Counter's work, interests, and pursuits.

     Dr. Counter regularly presents a lecture series at universities and other institutions on his work in scientific exploration. These subjects range from his recent scientific findings on the high lead and mercury exposure levels among Andean children to his discovery of the Amer-Eskimo children of Arctic explorers Matthew A. Henson and Robert E. Peary in Northwest Greenland.

     Dr. Counter is currently working with acclaimed actor, Will Smith, on motion picture films based on his books about international exploration, and completing new books on intercultural and race relations and in neuroscience.

     Dr. Counter can be reached in the following ways:



Dr. S. Allen Counter
Harvard University
4 University Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

or contact:

Anthony B. Jacobs
Harvard Biological Laboratories
(617) 495-1623

Dr. S. Allen Counter visits President Nelson Mandela at his home in South Africa.

Dr. S. Allen Counter presents the National Geographic Hubbard Gold Medal to Mrs. Audrey Mebane, great-niece of North Pole explorer Matthew Henson (center photo), who earned the award posthumously.

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