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me Christopher P. Kenaley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice
Boston College
Higgins Hall
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

(617) 496-7199
cpkenaley(at) / kenaley(at)
-About Me-

I am an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Biology at Boston College and Research Fellow at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University.

As a systematist and integrative biologist, my research is devoted to (1) uncovering and documenting the biodiversity of fishes, particularly those that inhabit the deep sea; and (2) understanding the morphological and molecular basis of adaptive evolution in this extreme environment. Current research projects include understanding the biomechanical basis of feeding in fishes through theoretical and biorobotic models, revisionary systematics of deep-sea taxa, molecular evolution and spectral tuning of visual pigments in oceanic fishes, and bioinformatic approaches to uncovering deep-sea biodiversity.

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