China County & City Population 1999 FAQ

This table describes the contents of the file: "1999_gb_pop_uce.xls" which can be accessed from the CHGIS working papers downloads page.

The Excel Table contains records for 2357 administrative units for the year 1999. The units recorded are at the ADM3 level, or county level, and include not only counties but also urban and other districts.

Note: the urban subdistricts are aggregate figures. For example: 500100 Chongqing shixiaqu (population 8,432,325) This includes the sum of population for all of the ADM3 level units listed in the GB/T-2260 1999 (namely: Wanzhou Qu, Fuling Qu, Yuzhong Qu, Dadukou Qu, Honghua Qu, Shapingba Qu, Jiulongpo Qu, Nan'an Qu, Beibei Qu, Wansheng Qu, Shuangqiao Qu, Yubei Qu, Banan Qu), because those figures were not broken down separately in the source statistics.

The table was compiled by Harvard University Committee on the Environment from the "National Population Statistics Materials by County and City - 1999 Period" for use in air pollution distribution models. Characters are included in the original source, but were not input.

Note: GIS base maps (for the year 1999) that correspond exactly with this file are available from ACASIAN.

Field Name Description
GB_CODE_1999 Guobiao Code from publication "GB/T-2260 1999" (see citation below).
PINYIN_NAME Pinyin Placename of County Level unit.
PROVINCE Name of the Province with jurisdiction over the county level unit.
PREFECTURE Name of the Prefecture with jurisdiction over the county level unit.
POP_1999 Population of county level unit from "National Population Statistics Materials by County and City - 1999 Period" (see citation below).
POP_NOTE_1999 Notes on Population figures of county level units (primarily when they are blank and recorded as part of another unit.)