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East Asian Geographic Feature Types Index

Calendars Input Western Years or nianhao to Find Chinese Reign Periods.
see also: Time Authority Database Dharma Drum Buddhist College (UTF-8) Documentation and Download
Wikipedia Chinese Chronology open source collaboration
Japanese Eras NengoCalc

Local Histories difangzhi Search Engine. Based on Harvard Yenching Libarary catalog.
see also: Catalog of Extant Ming Gazetteers Su Chen, Univ of Minnesota
Chinese Gazetteers Search Engine Academia Sinica
Buddhist Temple Gazetteers (scanned texts) Dharma Drum Buddhist College

East Asian Maps Search Engine. Based on 29,000 map sheets in the Harvard Pusey Map Collection catalog.
see also: Ancient Maps of China Geography Dept, Hong Kong Baptist Univ

Warring Staties Political Entities Search Engine. [BIG5 encoding]
Based on the Fraser-Lockhart Concordance (Oxford 1930), digitized and expanded by John Page, Isabel Garcia Hidalgo, in collaboration with E. Bruce Brooks and the Warring States Project of UMASS Amherst. This tremendous resource is part of the Zuozhuan Digital Concordance to all 180,000 glyphs of the Ruan Yuan edition of the text.


GIS Self-Learning Tool Web-based Tutorial. Excellently organized and straightforward guide to concepts and applications of GIS. Thanks to Fiona Ellis and the Dept of Geomatics University of Melbourne for creating this resource!


Arc Explorer GIS data client. The free ArcExplorer client enables use of ArcView format shapefiles.

MapInfo ProViewer GIS data client. The free ProViewer client enables use of MapInfo format files.