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Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA  02138
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Ph.D.  1996, Harvard University
           Slavic Languages and Literatures, Specialization in Slavic Literatures
           (Russian and South Slavic)

B.A.   1980, Yale University
           Russian and East-European Studies, magna cum laude


The Literary Lorgnette: Attending Opera in Imperial Russia. Stanford University Press, 2000. Awarded “Best Work of Literary and Cultural Criticism for 2000” by American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East-European Languages (AATSEEL) Publications Committee.

Mapping St. Petersburg: Urban Text and Topography in Imperial Russia. (Forthcoming from Princeton University Press, 2003).

“Reading Anna Karenina: Opera, Tragedy, Melodrama, Farce” (Forthcoming in Liza Knapp and Amy Mandelker, eds., MLA Teaching World Literature volume Approaches to Teaching Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, 2002).

“City of Cities: St. Petersburg, Eclecticism, and the Aesthetics of Derivation” (Forthcoming in Judith Ryan and Alfred Thomas, eds., Forgery, Fakes, and Impostures, Routledge, 2003).

“Eccentricity and Cultural Semiotics in Imperial Russia” (Forthcoming in Amy Mandelker and Andreas Schonle, eds., volume on Yuri Lotman and Cultural Theory, Indiana University Press, 2003).

“Melodramatizing Russia: Nineteenth-Century Views from the West” in Louise McReynolds and Joan Neuberger, eds., Imitations of Life: Two Centuries of Melodrama in Russia, Duke University Press, 2002.

"Novelistic Figuration, Narrative Metaphor: Western and Russian Models of the Prima Donna." Comparative Literature, spring 1998, vol. 50, no. 2.

"Her Final Debut: The Kadmina Legend in Russian Literature" in Andrew Baruch Wachtel, ed., Intersections and Transpositions: Russian Music, Literature, and Society.  Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1998.

Review: Donna Orwin, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Tolstoy.  Forthcoming in Tolstoy Studies Journal, 2003.

Review: Thomas P. Hodge, A Double Garland: Poetry and Art-Song in Early-Nineteenth-Century Russia.  Forthcoming in Slavic and East- European Journal, 2003

Review:  Grigory Kaganov, Images of Space: St. Petersburg in the Visual and Verbal Arts and James Cracraft, The Petrine Revolution in Russian Imagery, College Art Association (online journal), summer 1999.

Review:  Catherine A. Schuler, Women in Russian Theatre: The Actress in the Silver Age, SEEJ Web Page, spring 1998.

Review:  Helena Goscilo and Beth Holmgren, eds., Russia*Women*Culture, Slavic and East-European Journal, spring 1997.

Co-Editor and Contributing Author, Russian literature entries for fourth edition of Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia (HarperCollins).


The Over-Examined Life: New Perspectives on Tolstoy
(co-edited conference volume based on co-organized Tolstoy conference at Harvard University, April 2002).

Cultural Afterlives: The Post-Histories of Russian Masterworks
(book, in planning stages)

 “Swan Lake: Unexpected Incarnations”
(article, expected completion in 2003).

"Anna Karenina, Matinee Idolatry, and the Silent Treatment"
 (article, expected completion in 2003).

"Staging Russianness: The Strangeness of Singing and Dancing"
(article, expected completion in 2003).


Courses offered at Harvard, 1996-2002:
-- Graduate Proseminar in Slavic Studies
-- Graduate Seminar on Eighteenth-Century Russian Literature
-- Graduate Seminar on St. Petersburg as City of Culture
-- Undergraduate Tutorial on Pushkin's Prose
-- Russian Women Readers and Writers
-- Russian Drama
-- Performing Texts (Comparative Dramas)
-- Tolstoy
-- Russian Intellectual and Cultural Controversies: The Intelligentsia
    (co-taught with history professor)

-- Freshman Seminar on War and Peace
-- Freshman Seminar on Russian Theater of Imperial Period

Supervision of M.A. and B.A. theses in Slavic, 1997-2002:
-- Russian Literary Heroines as Consumers and Commodities (M.A.)
-- Rebuilding from the Ruins: State Ideology and Vladimirskii Sobor,
    Khersones (M.A.)

-- Scaling the East: Orientalism and Russian Music (M.A.)
-- Problems of Beauty and Non-Being in the Works of Ivo Andric
    (B.A., Hoopes prize winner 1998)

-- The Russian Art Song as Literary Topos
    (B.A., Hoopes prize winner 1999)

-- Early Soviet-Era Fashion, Theater Costume and Constructivism (B.A.)
-- Daniil Kharms and Children's Literature (B.A.)
-- A Stylistics of Drunkenness in Russian Literature (B.A.)
-- Female Archetypes in the Works of Isaak Babel (B.A.)
-- Memoirs and Women’s Provincial Gymnasia (B.A.)
-- Turgenev’s Rudin as a Work-in-Progress (B.A.)
-- Lydia Chukovskaia and Documents in Fiction (B.A.)

Reader/Advisor for graduate dissertations in Slavic:
-- Ballads by Women Performers in the Oral Traditions of the South Slavs
-- The Furnace, The Crown, and the Serpent: Images of Babylon
    in Medieval Muscovite Rus’

-- Orphanhood as Literary Trope in Soviet Culture
-- Soviet “Author’s Songs” at the Boundaries of Culture and Genre
-- Displaying the Nation: Russian Museums, Exhibitions,
    and Print Culture in the Age of Great Reforms

-- Invisible Forces: Capitalism and the Russian Literary
    Imagination, 1855-1881

Faculty Advisor, Special Concentrations in Performance Studies (2000-)


Director of Undergraduate Studies, Slavic Languages and Literatures,
fall 2000, spring 2002-present

Admissions Committee for Slavic Department Ph.D. program,
1996-97, 1997-98, 2001-2, 2002-3

Standing Committee on M.A. in Regional Studies
(Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia), 1997-present

Standing Committee on Status of Women, 1997-2000

Standing Committee on Degrees in Women's Studies,
1997-2002; Affiliate status, 2002-present

Standing Committee on Degrees in Literature, 1999-present

Standing Committee on Non-Departmental Instruction, 2002-present

Standing Committee on Special Concentrations, 2002-present

Hoopes Prize Committee (Humanities), 1997-present

Freshman Advisor, 2002-present

Co-Chair, Literature and Culture Seminar,
Davis Center for Russian Studies, 1999-present

Co-Chair, "Discipline Problems" seminar,
Center for Cultural and Literary Studies, 1998-2000

Editor, Harvard Cultural Studies brochure, 1998-99, 1999-2000


American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East-European Languages (AATSEEL) Publications Committee (Literary and Cultural Scholarship), 2002-present

Regular speaker on Russian opera for National Public Radio, “At the Opera”

Press reader for Cambridge UP, Cornell UP, Northwestern UP


Harvard Davis Center for Russian Studies Junior Faculty Research Leave, 2001

Appointed Harris K. Weston Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University, 2000-04

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellow, 2000-01

Harvard Eliot Dissertation Fellowship, 1995-96

Harvard Graduate School Dissertation Grant, summer 1994

Harvard Russian Research Center Travel Grant, summers 1993 and 1995

FLAS Foreign Language Fellowship, 1990-91

Jacob K. Javits Fellows Program, 1990-95


"Divas in the Drawing Room: Opera as Literature in Pre-Revolutionary Russia".  
Readers:  Professor William Mills Todd III, Professor John Malmstad


“The City’s Memory:
Texts of Preservation and Loss in Imperial St. Petersburg”
“Imagining St. Petersburg” Symposium, Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies at Miami University of Ohio, March 2003

“Literary Centers and Literary Margins:
Petersburg Palaces, Slums, and Industrial Outskirts”
MLA convention, New York, 2002

Anna Karenina, Matinee Idolatry, and the Silent Treatment”
“New Perspectives on Tolstoy” conference, Harvard University, April 2002

“The Many Meanings of Swan Lake:
A Cultural History of Tchaikovsky’s Ballet”
Dance Department, University of Michigan, March 2002

“Walking on Words: Oral History, Text, and Toponym in St. Petersburg”
Center for Russian and East-European Studies, University of Michigan, March 2002

AATSEEL Convention, New Orleans, December 2001

“Natasha Rostova at the Opera”
BBC Radio 3, October 2001

“Prokofiev’s ‘The Gambler’ and Dostoevsky”
“At the Opera,” National Public Radio, March 2001

“Mapping St. Petersburg”
AAUW Boston Chapter, December 2000

“Rimsky-Korsakov, Ostrovsky, and ‘The Snow Maiden’”
“At the Opera,” National Public Radio, August 2000

“Leskov and Lady Macbeth”
“At the Opera,” National Public Radio, March 2000

"Pouring Wine into Broken Bottles:
Literary Genre and Cityscape in St. Petersburg"
AAASS Convention, St. Louis, November 1999

Tolstoy’s “Resurrection” as Opera
“At the Opera,” National Public Radio, November 1999

"Alexander Pushkin's Contribution to Opera: Mazeppa"
"At the Opera," National Public Radio, August 1999

"Staging Russianness: The Strangeness of Singing and Dancing"
Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Harvard University, April 1999

"Alexander Pushkin's Contribution to Opera: The Queen of Spades"
"At the Opera," National Public Radio, April 1999

"The Feminization of Academia"
Women's Studies Series, Harvard University, December 1998

"Interdisciplinarity and Literary Studies" Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Harvard University, October 1998

"Eccentricity: A Stylistics of Urban Social Forms"
AAASS Convention, Boca Raton, September 1998

"Armchair Traveling:
St. Petersburg in Literary Journeys, Excursions, and Guides"
Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University, December 1997

"Mapping St. Petersburg:
Urban Legends in 18th- and 19th-Century St. Petersburg"
AAASS Convention, Seattle, November 1997

"Literary Denouement and Cinematic Postponement: Sentimental and Melodramatic Heroines"
NEMLA, Philadelphia, April 1997

"Art Songs: The Russian Romance"
Harvard University, Adams House Lecture and Concert, March 1997

"Her Final Debut: The Kadmina Legend in Russian Literature"
Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University, January 1996
AATSEEL, Chicago, December 1995

"The Many-Ringed Temple: A Literary Ethnography of the St. Petersburg Bolshoi Theater"
Georgetown University Russian Department, January 1995
Harvard University Slavic Department Literary Colloquium, October 1994

"The Singing Decanters: Operatic Subtext in Anna Karenina"
Harvard University Slavic Department Literary Colloquium, March 1993
AATSEEL, New York, December 1992

"The Emergence of Narrative: Tolstoy's 'History of Yesterday'"
AATSEEL, San Francisco, December 1991
University of Chicago Graduate Student Forum, April 1991
Harvard University Slavic Department Literary Colloquium, February 1991


Russian, Serbo-Croatian, French, modern Hebrew