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The Internet Directory of Botany is an index to botanical information available on the Internet, compiled by Anthony R. Brach (Harvard University Herbaria, Cambridge, www page), Raino Lampinen (Botanical Museum, Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki, Finland; www page), Shunguo Liu [cathay (at) cathay.net] (SHL Systemhouse, Edmonton, Canada; www page) and Keith McCree (Oakridge, Oregon; www page).

The alphabetical list (formerly the List of WWW Sites of Interest to Botanists) was compiled by Anthony R. Brach. It was originally posted on TAXACOM in March 1995. HTML format was created by Shunguo Liu. In these days of Google searches, one might at first think that such a site is not necessary; however, it appears that successful Google searches depend upon web indices such as this one. The subject category list (formerly A Collection of Botany Related URLs), has been discontinued; however, we highly recommend the search engine, and Scott's Botanical Links - Subject Index. The former subject list for the IDB was created by Raino Lampinen and maintained from Autumn 1993 to the year 2000. It started as a personal bookmark list of botanical gopher sites, then in March 1994 also included www sites, and was made available via WWW in December 1994.

Other Recommended Directories

We also recommend visiting Scott's Botanical Links and the Ecology WWW Page (or its mirrors in France and Canada).

Citing The Internet Directory for Botany

The pages of origin can be cited as follows:

Lampinen, R., S. Liu, A. R. Brach & K. McCree (1996-2012). The Internet Directory for Botany. - [http://www.botany.net/IDB/].

Brach, A. R. & S. Liu. (1996-2012). The Internet Directory for Botany: Alphabetical List. - [http://www.botany.net/IDB/botany.html].


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