Psychology 1570 B. The Nature of Prejudice, Fall 2003

Instructor: Mahzarin R. Banaji

The course will cover psychological theories and research on prejudice with a focus on cognitive, affective, and societal origins and consequences. The readings will cover the full range of contemporary theory and research with special focus on unconscious forms of prejudice. Interested students can explore the legal implications of the discoveries of the past half a century of empirical research on prejudice.  The course is open to juniors and seniors primarily, but sophomores can make a case for admission based on a commitment to enroll in labs related to this subject during the same semester.
Week Date Topic


1 09/16 Introductory Lecture Mahzarin Banaji
2 09/23 Prejudice: Pre-1954 The Nature of Prejudice, Allport, Chapters 1-10; Plous I (3-48)
3 09/30 Categorization & Consequences Stereo and Prejudice, Stangor, Readings 2, 6, 8
4 10/07 Some Classic Experiments Stereo and Prejudice, Stangor, Readings 10, 11, 12
5 10/14 Implicit Prejudice I Readings: Methods, Primary Applications
6 10/21 Implicit Prejudice II Readings: Interpretations of the Evidence
7 10/28 Implicit Prejudice III Plasticity
8 11/04 Brain Activity Phelps, Cunningham, & Colby
9 11/18 On Targets Stereo and Prejudice, Stangor, Readings 20, 21
10 11/25 What does contact do? Stereo and Prejudice, Stangor, Readings 22, 23, 24
11-14 12/02-12/16 Student Statements