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Date Location Organization
February 4-5 Lewiston, ME Bates College
February 17 Boston, MA Boston University Colloquium
March 11 Cambridge, MA Project on Law and Mind Sciences talk at Harvard Law School
April 16-17 New Haven, CT Yale WGSS-LGTS Conference
April 29 Columbus, OH President-Provost Diversity Lecture Series
May 29-30 Boston, MA Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference
July 14 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Institute Community Lecture
July 17 Vancouver, BC Brain Development & Learning Conference
October 1 Nashville, TN Hazinski Lecture, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
October 14 St. Peter, MN Gustavus Aldolphus College
October 27 Chestnut Hill, MA Boston College


Date Location Organization
February 20 Paris, France Le Laboratoire
March 2 Brookline, MA Coolidge Corner Theatre: Science on Screen
May 11 Chicago, IL University of Chicago Spring Talk Series
August 8 Toronto, ON APA Convention Within the Convention
August 31 Cambridge, MA Ann Radcliffe Trust lecture
October 20 Boston, MA Cloud Foundation
November 9 Cambridge, MA Law & Mind Sciences Conference


Date Location Organization
February 20-21 Tucson, AZ Department of Psychology, University of Arizona
March 8 Cambridge, MA Law & Mind Sciences Conference, Harvard Law School
March 24 Cambridge, MA IVY Annual Giving Conference Keynote
April 4 New York, NY Department of Psychology, New York University
April 16 Boston, MA Lecture at Suffolk County Prison
April 25 Cambridge, MA Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar: Discrimination at Work
May 6 New York, NY Radcliffe, Harvard Club of New York
October 26 Palo Alto, CA New Horizons in Science
November 17 Cambridge, MA Implicit Biases Workshop for the Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering


Date Location Organization
January 25 Memphis, TN SPSP Social Cognition Preconference
January 26-27 Memphis, TN Society of Personality and Social Psychology conference
March 1 New Haven, CT Yale Law Review
April 8-11 Long Island, NY New Frontiers in Studies of Unconcious Processing
May 3-4 Vancouver, BC University of British Columbia
May 5 Vancouver, BC Western Psychological Association
August 1-5 Aspen, CO Mind Science Foundation
August 17-20 San Francisco, CA American Psychological Association Convention
  • Presidential Symposium
  • G. Stanley Hall Address
  • Division Meeting with Junior Faculty
  • Spielberger Symposium
August 28-September 4 Venice, Italy University of Padova
September 5-9 Brno, Czech Republic European Social Cognition Network conference
October 4 Cambridge, MA PEN
December 2 Boston, MA PRIMR


Date Location Organization
January 24 New York, NY Hunter College Gender Equity Project
January 25-28 Palm Springs, CA Social for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting
April 6 New York, NY Columbia University Teacher's College
April 17 San Francisco, CA Level Playing Field Institute
May 4 Washington, DC National Institute of Mental Health
May 12 Boston, MA University of Massachusetts, Boston
July 6-10 Ithala, South Africa Contact 50
October 12-14 Philadelphia, PA Society of Experimental Social Psychology
November 4-6 San Francisco, CA Science Network: Beyond Belief
December 14 Los Angeles, CA Seeds of Tolerance


Date Location Organization
January 5 Wellington, New Zealand Social for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, Victoria University
February 14 Cambridge, MA Law, Education, and Civil Rights (guest lecturer), Harvard Law School
March 4 Cambridge, MA Eric M. Mindich Conference on Experimental Social Science, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University
March 7 Cambridge, MA Deceit and Self-Deception (guest lecturer)
March 11 Boston, MA Eastern Psychological Association
March 17-20 Tampa, FL Social of Experimental Psychologists
April 13 New Haven, CT Robert G. Crowler Memorial Lecture, Yale University
April 18 New Haven, CT James A. Thomas Lecture, Yale Law School
April 25 Cambridge, MA Murdock Lecture, Leverett House, Harvard University
May 6 Chicago, IL Invited Address, Midwestern Psychological Association
May 16-17 Princeton, NJ Social Neuroscience Conference
August 30-September 1 Edinburgh, Scotland Invited Overseas speaker, British Psychological Society