In the Media

Research shows key role for unconscious bias: Attitudes believed to be learned early, The Boston Globe, 30 July 2009.
A Chance Road to Harvard, The Harvard Crimson, 07 January 2009.
She explores inner workings of bias, The Boston Globe, 20 October 2008.
The Inside Story: Mahzarin R. Banaji on Discovering Experimental Social Psychology, In Social Psychology, 2008.
Mahzarin Banaji looks at biology of bias, Harvard University Gazette, 11 October 2007.
Tests of trainee doctors find signs of race bias in care, The Boston Globe, 20 July 2007.
The Implicit Prejudice, Scientific American, June 2006.
Screen Test: Why we should start measuring bias, Slate, 26 January 2006.
Who Do You Think You Are: In the Implicit Association Test, Harvard psychologist Dr. Mahzarin R. Banaji measures perception and prejudice, Diverse, 08 September 2005.
See No Bias, The Washington Post Magazine, 23 January 2005.
Exploring Unconscious Prejudice, Radcliffe Quarterly, Winter 2004.
Brain shows unconscious prejudices: Fear center is activated, Harvard University Gazette, 17 July 2003.
Buried Bias and Bigotry, Harvard Magazine, July-August 2002.

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