Mail Form Handler Built-In Help


Version 4.1


The Mail Form Handler ( is a generic CGI script designed to email HTML form input to a specified user or users. All your forms can point to a single instance of the script because the script can support any number of HTML forms while providing customizable output for each.

Detailed help, including functional descriptions of each special form field, is available at the Mail Form Handler home page.

Sendmail Location

Located the sendmail binary on this server in directory: /usr/lib/
This is one of the default locations, no script modification necessary.

HTTP Referer Checking

HTTP referer checking is Disabled.

Special Form Field Default Values

Special Field Name Default Value
Recipient Address
Email Address nobody
Cc Address
Auto Cc No
Full Name exclude;Mail Form Handler
Email Subject Line Form Submission
Email HTML No
Background Color white
Link Color
ActiveLink Color
VisitedLink Color
Text Color black
Toggle Graphics On
Required Graphic
Magic Word
Response Page Title Mail Form Handler Response
Greeting Thank you for your form submission.
Return URL
Return Link Text
Show Results No
Show Blanks No


Mail Form Handler 4.1 ( by Tim Stevenson
Generic HTML form-processing CGI script
Send bug reports, feature requests, and other correspondence to tstevens at
Visit the Mail Form Handler home page.

ReadParse subroutine by Steven E. Brenner

This script may be distributed freely as long as this message remains intact.


The Mail Form Handler is provided as-is. I shall not be held responsible for its performance, nor the manner of its use by another party, in any respect.

In addition, use of this script is subject to the privacy and usage policy posted on the Mail Form Handler home page.

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