Ben Adlam Red

I have moved to Google as an AI Resident.


I am a graduate student in applied mathematics at Harvard University. In my research, I apply techniques from probability theory to study the fundamental, mathematical principles of evolution. I focus on macroscopic evolutionary timescales and want to understand how evolution efficiently finds novel functionality. I have also studied the spectra of random matrices. Currently, I work with Martin Nowak and Horng-Tzer Yau. More information can be found in my CV and on my LinkedIn.


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I have served as a teaching fellow for undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics and computer science. I received the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching in Spring 2012, Spring 2015, and Fall 2016. At the Harvard Allston Education Portal, I mentored several students in mathematics, and I am currently a non-residential tutor in mathematics for Harvard's Eliot House.

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As an undergraduate at Harvard, I concentrated in mathematics and wrote my undergraduate thesis on sparse covariance matrices under the supervision of Horng-Tzer Yau.


Phone: +1 (617) 834-5220 Address:
Email: Harvard University, One Brattle Square, suite 6,
Office: 621, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3758, USA